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Taj Classic Basmati Rice

World's Longest Basmati Rice

Cholesterol free and 99% FAT FREE

Taj Classic Basmati Rice: Grown and matured in the Foot Hills of the Himalayas, Taj Classic Basmati Rice is an exotic new class of Basmati Rice from the House of TAJ. Just like scotch and wine, Taj Classic Basmati Rice goes through a special and unique aging process. On cooking the grain fluffs up to three times its original length and won't break or stick together. No wonder, it is popularly known as World's Longest Basmati Rice. One cup of un-cooked rice gives approximately 4 cups of cooked rice. Gem like perfection, Exotic Aroma, Extra Ordinary Length, Mouth Watering taste, Taj Classic Basmati Rice is truly a Basmati beyond compare.